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We understand exactly what you need to install our products and complete the perfect job. So here, you’ll find unlimited access to a wide variety of Marketing Support materials and guidance on Legislation, but we also provide additional support tools including datasheets, technical manuals, technical bulletins, DWG files and specification clauses that can be freely and easily downloaded.



From technical guides to maintenance information, you can access a wealth of product and system information simply by downloading the guides you need here.


Marketing Support

If you require further information on our products, need any marketing collateral or information on marketing activity to promote REAL Aluminium systems, we can provide the tools you need.



From installation tips to distribution and delivery details, our FAQ section is designed to keep you in the know. You can always get in touch with our team if you have any further questions.


Compliance & Energy Ratings

Compliance with current Building Regulations is a vital part of every installation and can sometimes be complex. This section tells you why it is easy to meet these requirements using REAL Aluminium.


Discover our outstanding product range in action. Our photo gallery showcases some of the incredible transformations our sleek, modern systems bring to customers’ homes.